Deep-Fried Pizza-Panzerotti

Deep-Fried Pizza-Panzerotti

This is an Italian snack pizza. The fresh tomatoes make it juicy, and the melted cheese and the chewy skin are delicious. Fill it with your favorite ingredients and enjoy.

Ingredients: One 15 cm diameter serving

Your favorite pizza dough
about half a fist
Wiener sausages
1-2 per piece
Fresh tomatoes
1/4 (medium) per piece
1/2 bunch per piece
Easy melting cheese
a handful
Cheese of your choice
a handful
Herb salt
to taste


1. Roll the pizza dough into half a fist sized ball and let it sit for second rising.
2. Cut the tomato into 5 mm cubes, leaving the skin on. Boil the spinach, and chop the uncooked sausage into 5 mm slices.
3. Punch down the pizza dough, flour the working surface, and roll out the dough into a 25-cm diameter circle. (It will be reduced to about 15-cm in diameter after frying.)
4. Place all of the fillings on either the right or left side of the dough, slightly off center, and sprinkle on the herb salt. Leave a 2-3 cm border at the edges of the dough.
5. Wrap the filling with the dough into a half moon shape. Tightly secure the edges.
6. It should seal well and look pretty if you fold the outer edge and press it down to secure it.
7. Deep-fry the dough at medium temperature (about 170℃) until golden brown.
8. Enjoy a piping hot Panzerotti.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a Panzerotti with my friends a few years ago at an Italian restaurant that overlooks the ocean, and wanted to recreate it. It's such a joy to cook something and eat it in a relaxed environment.