Our Family's Old-Fashioned Sandwiches

Our Family's Old-Fashioned Sandwiches

These are slightly sweet sandwiches that my mother used to make for me when I was small. Serve to those with a sweet tooth or to children.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Sliced bread (from an 8-slice loaf, about 1.5 thick)
1 bag
Roast ham
4 slices
◎ Butter (or margarine)
40 g
◎ Mayonnaise
50 g
◎ Sugar (white sugar or light brown sugar)
15 g
◎ Mustard
To taste


1. Beat the egg, and scramble with a little butter or margarine in a frying pan. (No seasoning added.)
2. Put all the ◎ ingredients in a bowl and mix together (the mustard is optional). Slice the cucumber thinly on the diagonal.
3. Remove the crusts or not, depending on your preference. Spread the mixture from Step 2 evenly over the bread.
4. Put the ham, cucumber and scrambled eggs between the bread. Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap or a wrung out moistened kitchen towel and weight down lightly to make the sandwiches meld together.
5. Cut the sandwiches in half and they're done. Enjoy. You can use any sugar you like, but granulated sugar isn't best for this.
6. The eggs can be as cooked as you like, but if they are soft set, they'll leak through the bread. Make sure to spread it on the bread when they cool.
7. "Puhiroeimon" used roast beef. Looks delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother used to run a cafe, and made these sandwiches for me a lot. Even now that I'm an adult, I occasionally get an irresistible urge to eat these.