Chewy Yakisoba Noodles

Chewy Yakisoba Noodles

When you make normal yakisoba noodles, just add a little twist, you can make noodles more chewy.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Yakisoba noodles
3 packets
Sesame oil (or vegetable oil)
2 tablespoons
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
Sliced pork belly
100 g
1 clove
2 tablespoons
a shake
Vegetables such as carrots or cabbage
as much as you like
Mushrooms (I put king oyster mushrooms)
as much as you like
Powdered yakisoba sauce (or use yakisoba sauce)
3 packets


1. Put yakisoba noodles in a frying pan, add sesame oil and mix. Untangle the noodles and pan-fry well on low heat until golden brown.
2. Take out Step 1, then add vegetable oil, sliced pork belly, and garlic, pan-fry on low heat until cooked. Along the way, put sake and pepper to omit the meat smell.
3. Add vegetables and mushrooms in Step 2 and sauté. When cooked, put back Step 1, combine with the sauce and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

The yakisoba noodles sold at a supermarket are too soft to my liking. I wanted noodles that are like the instant kind - al dente.