Izakaya Style At Home! Bamboo Shoot and Shiso Leaf Tsukune Patty Skewers

Izakaya Style At Home! Bamboo Shoot and Shiso Leaf Tsukune Patty Skewers

You can use shiitake mushrooms or lotus root, or any root vegetables, in place of the bamboo shoots. Try skewering chicken breast meat and leeks too!

Ingredients: 5 large skewers

Ground meat (mixed beef/pork, pork, or chicken etc.)
300 g
Bamboo shoots
100 g
Shiso leaves
3-5 leaves
◆Soy sauce, sake, katakuriko
1 tablespoon each
1/2 tablespoon
◆Sesame seeds
◆Salt and pepper
a small amount
★Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
★Sugar, Mirin, Sake
2 tablespoons of each
To serve with the skewers:
Sliced onions, shiso leaves, sesame etc
as needed
Western mustard
as needed
Disposable chopsticks (to use as skewers)


1. Special yakitori skewers are available in stores, but you can use disposable chopsticks cut into 5 cm if you don't have any on hand!
2. Preliminaries: If you blanch the boiled bamboo shoots, the peculiar odor will dissipate they will have better flavor. Soak the leftovers in water and store in the refrigerator. Use up the soaked bamboo shoots as soon as possible.
3. Finely chop the bamboo shoots and shiso leaves. Mix the ◆ seasoning ingredients together. Slice the decorative onions and plate.
4. Put the ground meat and ◆ seasoning ingredients into a bowl and mix and knead together well. If you don't knead it together well at this point, the skewered patties will fall apart when you cook them.
5. Add the bamboo shoots and shiso leaves, and mix thoroughly once more.
6. Divide into 5 equal portions and form into long narrow patties. You can stick them with the skewers at this point, but the skewers will become less dirty and the meat will cook easier if you wait until they are cooked.
7. Coat a pan with oil, and brown the patties on both sides over strong heat.
8. Once the meat has browned, reduce to medium heat, cover with a lid, and steam-cook for about 5 minutes.*If they look like they are about to burn before cooking all the way through, add 50ml of sake and steam-cook.
9. Add the ★ ingredients all at once and boil it down a bit, then you are done.
10. Stick the skewers, place on top of the onions and shiso leaves, add the sauce in top, sprinkle with sesame, and enjoy. Try dipping in Japanese mustard.
11. Using the same sauce, you could skewer chicken breast and leek pieces to make delicious "negima" yakitori. Fry them in the same pan as the tsukune skewers.
12. Try cooking the tsukune meat mix topped on sliced bamboo shoot or lotus root - this is delicious too!

Story Behind this Recipe

I love the tsukune patties served at izakaya (traditional Japanese gastropubs), so I wanted to try it at least once with bamboo shoots!