Doll Festival Charaben Hina Doll Rice Balls

Doll Festival Charaben Hina Doll Rice Balls

These are cute and simple hina doll rice balls! They will be the stars of your Doll Festival plate!


Warm rice
as needed
Deli Ham
as needed
Sliced cheese
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
Thin omelet
as needed
Uncooked spaghetti noodle
as needed
Fillings of your choice


1. Fill the rice with whatever filling you like, rub with some salt, and shape into eggs.
2. Cut the ham into two pieces. Stack a 1 cm wide strip of sliced cheese on top of the cut edge.
3. Wrap the ham on the top of one of the rice balls while intersecting the two slices in the front. Make some cuts along the bottom so that you can wrap it around the bottom of the rice balls.
4. Prepare the nori in the same way as the ham.
5. Cut out the hair from the nori. Make small cuts along the top to make it easier to wrap around the rice balls.
6. Wrap the nori from Step 5 on the top of the rice balls. Wrap them with plastic wrap to let them set, then put into the bento box.
7. Cut out the fan and scepter from the thin omelet. Use the spaghetti noodle to stick the parts onto the rice balls. Cut out two of the scepter pieces.
8. If you don't have a cutter, use a knife to cut out the shapes.
9. The princess's crown is made from using a flower cutter on the omelet.
10. The emperor's headgear is cut out from Oshaburi kombu seaweed.
11. Use a noodle to attach the crown. If it's difficult to attach the head parts with a noodle, use a toothpick to create a hole.
12. Make the face parts with nori and stick them on the dolls. Cut out circles from the ham to make cheeks and you're done!
13. It's also cute if you use picks instead of making crowns.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made something for the Doll Festival.