Shortcut Japanese Snack ~Sakura Mochi-Style Rice Balls

Shortcut Japanese Snack ~Sakura Mochi-Style Rice Balls

This is a festive sakura mochi-style rice ball wrapped in shiso leaves. I used a cookie cutter to shape the carrots for decoration and to make the rice balls prettier. Add these to your spring bentos!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Hot cooked white rice
2 small rice bowls
Umeboshi (minced)
About 1 piece
( Adjust to the tartness of the
a small amount
Kombu tea
a small amount
Additions to the batter:
Kombu tsukudani, salmon flakes, etc.
as needed
Shiso leaves
4 leaves
Carrot (thinly sliced)
1-2 slices
( Ham, kamaboko


1. Hard boil the carrots, and cut out the sakura flowers and petals with a cookie cutter. Use a knife or a pair of scissors if you don't have one. It's just for decoration so it doesn't have to be perfect.
2. Do the same if you are using ham or kamboko.
3. Divide the rice into two equal portions, add the umeboshi and kombu tea to one half to make it red, and add the kombu tea and salt to the other half to make it white. We will be adding the filling to the white rice, so lightly flavor it.
4. Make two each of the red and white rice balls. Add your favorite filling to the white ones, leave the red ones as-is, and shape into cylindrical or round rice balls.
5. Wrap up Step 4 in shiso leaves, arrange the cut carrots on top, and they're done. I have placed them on top of the shiso leaves this time.
6. This is a white rice ball. I used kombu tsukudani as the filling this time.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I made rice balls with sakura mochi in mind.