California Roll using Grilled Salmon

California Roll using Grilled Salmon

You can easily make double layer rolls so please give it a try.
It's so delicious.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Sushi rice
260 g
Grilled salmon flakes
1/2 jar
Chinese cabbage
1 leaf if it's big
Nori seaweed for futomaki
1 sheet (cut 6cm off and use the bigger piece)
Golden toasted sesame seeds
to taste
Seasoning 1 for egg omelet (liquid shiro-dashi)
1 teaspoon
Seasoning 2 for egg omelet (light brown sugar・salt・mayonnaise)
a small amount of each


1. Start by making the inner roll. (The roll that gets wrapped inside) Cut 6cm off the seaweed sheet and use the bigger piece.
2. Make an egg omelet using 2 eggs. Season beaten eggs with ingredients for the egg omelet. Cut the omelet in half. Lightly boil the Chinese cabbage.
3. Place a sheet of seaweed on the sushi mat and spread 100 g of sushi rice. Leave 5 ml of the bottom uncovered with rice and 1 cm uncovered on the top. Place the filling a bit above the center.
4. This is the important part!! You can roll it neatly if you lightly press the roll together once before you reach the edge of the roll. Lightly press the roll again after rolling it backwards.
5. Now the inner roll is complete.
6. Place a sheet of plastic wrap on top of the sushi mat. Spread the rest of the sushi rice(160g ) into the size of the entire inner roll. Position the inner roll slightly above the center.
7. Make sure you don't roll the plastic wrap together. Peel the plastic wrap off as you roll. If you press the roll together lightly and roll it backwards again, the filling will end up in the middle!
8. Now you're done with the rolling. Remove the plastic wrap.
9. Coat the entire roll with sesame seeds,although I forgot to do this and cut the roll in half already.
10. Next, cut the roll in half. Line the two rolls together and cut in half again. Repeat again to make 8 pieces.
11. This is a close-up shot of how it turned out. Arrange the extra slices of omelet and place strawberries on the side to give it a colorful and happy spring feel.

Story Behind this Recipe

I received grilled salmon flakes from the Cook Monitor just when I felt like eating a delicious, refreshing sushi roll!! There is a perfect amount of saltiness to it and is spot on for rolls. The salmon's taste is enhanced with the simple combination of Chinese cabbage from the garden and egg omelet.