Healthy Veggie Taco Rice

Healthy Veggie Taco Rice

I rearranged Kantarou's taco rice recipe to make it suitable for vegetarians. It's packed with vegetables making it both healthy and delicious.

Ingredients: 2 servings

●Koya tofu
1 block
1 small (approximately 100 g)
●Green pepper
2-3 leaves
□Baby leaves
as needed (if available)
□Cherry tomatoes
1/4 bunch (optional)
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
1/4 cup
3 tablespoons
★Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce
2 tablespoons
★Chili powder
1 and 1/2 tablespoons
★Soy sauce
1-2 teaspoons
Salt and pepper
to taste
Warm brown rice (or white rice)
2 servings
Soy mayonnaise
as needed
Cheese (instead of soy mayonnaise)
as needed
Tortilla chips
as needed


1. Soak the koya tofu in warm water.
2. Wash the vegetables and drain well before cutting. Cut the lettuce into thick strips and the cherry tomatoes in half. Avocado tends to change colour, so leave the cutting of that for later.
3. [Vegetarian Taco Meat] Drain any excess water off the tofu and blend in a food processor.
4. Finely chop the vegetables marked with ●.
5. Heat a frying pan and add some olive oil. Stir fry the finely chopped vegetables marked with ●, then add the blended tofu and stir-fry together.
6. Once cooked, add the flavouring ingredients marked with ★ and bring to the boil whilst continuing to stir fry. Keep checking the taste of the meat, seasoning with a little salt and pepper to adjust. (I often add sauces, soy sauce, and chili here).
7. Now it's finally time to cut the avocado. If you have any, a few drops of lemon juice will help stop the avocado from changing colour. Be careful not to add too much though, or the avocado may become too sour.
8. Put the cooked brown rice on a plate. On top of that, add the vegetables marked with □, then the taco "meat", then the soy mayonnaise (or cheese). Decorate with tortilla chips to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

Even vegetarians like eating taco rice!
So I decided to re-arrange a taco rice recipe by Kentatrou (a famous chef in Japan) to make it suitable for vegetarians.
Mountains of vegetables make this a really healthy dish.
You can make this dish without the mixes they sell in shops!