Cheap and Easy Homemade Sour Cream

Cheap and Easy Homemade Sour Cream

Just make and leave it. And there's no washing up to do! It's creamy and mild, and once you start making your own, you'll think that buying it makes no sense at all.

Ingredients: A lot

Heavy cream (Either dairy or non-dairy is fine)
1 carton (200 ml)
Plain yogurt
4 tablespoons (See hints)
You can make this even if you don't measure out the amount of yogurt accurately.


1. I love this yogurt making kit "EasiYo" from New Zealand. If you add soy milk to 100 ml of yogurt, you can make soy milk yogurt.
2. Fully open the cream carton. Pour in the yoghurt and mix well. With the top still opened, leave it in a warm place for half a day.
3. In the winter, if you leave it on top of the fridge overnight, it will have hardened by the next morning. In summer, you just need to leave it for 4 hours at room temperature.
4. If you are worried about dust getting in, cover with plastic wrap on top of the carton! Adjust the firmness of the cream by altering the amount of yoghurt and the time you leave it out.
5. You can use it in this Chai Latte Cheesecake Recipe ID: 1320075.
6. Or in this Tokachi Camembert Cheesecake Recipe ID: 1271501.
7. Sour Cream and Onions Recipe ID: 1003912. If you use it as a dip for crisps or onion rings, you'll find yourself getting through a lot of beer.
8. It makes a nice rich and creamy topping for minestrone, giving the tomato soup a mild taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been making this nonstop ever since I learned how to make sour cream. I've made it so many times and thought I'd post the results of my experiments here!