Freely Adaptable! Easy Chocolate Truffles

Freely Adaptable! Easy Chocolate Truffles

Make the basic ganache first, they add your own variations to make many different kinds of truffles. This is very easy to make.

Ingredients: About 25 truffles

180 g
Heavy cream
90 ml
Margarine (or butter)
10 g
[A] Filling in the ganache
Walnut, cookie, almond and etc.
As needed
[B] Toppings for the ganache
Cocoa powder, powdered sugar, chocolate, cookie bits, etc.
As needed


1. Finely chop the chocolate and put in a bowl. An aluminum bowl is recommended because it conducts heat efficiently.
2. Heat the heavy cream over low, and turn off the heat just before boiling. Add into the chopped chocolate and mix well with a whisk. Don't boil the heavy cream.
3. When the chocolate melts, add margarine and melt. Cool in the refrigerator for 1 hour. This is the ganache mixture.
4. Variations: Add the ingredients listed as [A] into the mixture before cooling in the refrigerator if you like. This is optional.
5. Tip: Finely chop walnuts, nuts or cookies before adding them. Put in as much as you like.
6. When the ganache mixture cools down, shape into 10 g balls.
7. Dust the ingredients listed as [B] on the ganache balls. The photo shows the ganache coated in cocoa powder.
8. This is a powdered sugar version.
9. This is a finely chopped chocolate version.
10. Coat with chocolate if you like. Put the finely chopped chocolate in a bowl over a hot water bath to melt. Drop a ganache ball into the melted chocolate. Skewer the ball and stick it down in a foam board to rest and harden.
11. You can make different kinds of truffles if you change the combination of the filling and coating! You could vary by using white chocolate♪
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Story Behind this Recipe

It's easy to remember the amount of the ingredients, so modifications are easy too.