Super Moist Cream Cheese Brownies

Super Moist Cream Cheese Brownies

These are glamorous brownies for adults, with plenty of walnuts. Also check out the really easy procedures.

Ingredients: 7 × 21 cm pound cake mold

80 g
50 g
40 g
Cake flour
60 g
50 g
Cream cheese
100 g
15 g


1. Combine butter, sugar, and chocolate into a pot and melt on very low heat.
2. Add the chopped walnuts. Add a beaten egg and mix well. Sift in the flour and mix until incorporated.
3. Put the cream cheese and sugar in another pot, and cook on low heat until softened.
4. Line the mold with parchment paper, and pour in the batter.
5. Pour in the cream cheese mixture from Step 3.
6. You can make a marbled pattern if you like.
7. Bake in a 180ºC oven for 20 minutes. Cool when baked, chill in the refrigerator, and cut the brownies.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got sick of cleaning so many bowls and fantasized about making brownie batter in a big pot. This recipe is great because the steps are so easy, the cake has a fine texture, and there is much less washing to do.