Afro made from Soboro Charaben

Afro made from Soboro Charaben

This is a character with a fluffy afro made with soboro!
The head is so cute!

Ingredients: 1 character

as needed
Sliced cheese
1/2 slice
1/2 slice
Nori seaweed
to taste
to taste


1. Using a cookie cutter or something similar, cut the cheese into a rounded shape (for the pictured cheese, I used a cookie cutter shaped like a cat's head). Cut out a slice of ham in the same shape and stack the cheese slice on top of the ham.
2. Put the ham and cheese on top of some rice. Make the hair with the soboro.
3. Use nori for the eyes, nose, mouth. Use carrot circles for the cheeks.
4. Attach the facial expressions and it's done!
5. For a cute rice bowl. Recipe ID: 1602134.
6. And this is in a ramekin!

Story Behind this Recipe

I had made some soboro and thought that it would be great to make a cute bento with it.