Simple Cream Cheese Brownies

Simple Cream Cheese Brownies

I added cream cheese into these brownies, so they aren't too sweet!
For those of you who like cream cheese, I really recommend these!
How about trying these out as a Valentine's Day gift or serving them with a cup of coffee in your own home?


Basic brownie Recipe ID: 1053008
Cream cheese
as needed
To your liking
Muffin cups (25 mm by 47 mm)
15 cups


1. Take a muffin tray that has 18 molds, and place the store bought cups into them (I used muffin cups from the dollar store).
2. Arrange the muffin cups on a baking tray and pour a little bit of the dough into the bottom. Next, place cream cheese slices on top and then fill the cups up to about 80%.
3. Bake them for 20 minutes at 170℃. Baking times vary according each oven, so stick a bamboo skewer through to see if it is done. If the stick comes back clean, it's done!
4. The cream cheese might sink down some sections of the brownie. However, you can also top the batter with cream cheese and make it a topping.
5. These don't have any cream cheese inside them but are decorated instead with white chocolate-coated marshmallow hearts on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

Brownies are a mainstay in our household, so I took our usual recipe and added in my favorite cream cheese.