Easy Strawberry Daifuku to Make with Kids

Easy Strawberry Daifuku to Make with Kids

I love the fluffy and soft skin of strawberry daifuku. The sweat bean paste and fresh strawberry inside are just scrumptious.

Ingredients: For 4 pieces

Strawberry sweet beans paste
Adzuki sweet beans paste
80 g
50 g
40 g
60 ml


1. Make the strawberry sweet beans paste. Divide the sweet beans paste into 4 portion and flatten. Place a strawberry on each. Cover the strawberry with the sweet beans paste and make a ball.
2. Make the skin. Mash 2 strawberries with a fork.
3. Put shiratamako and sugar in a heatproof container or a bowl. Add water and mix until the lumps are gone.
4. Cover with cellophane wrap and heat for 3 minutes in a microwave. Mix with a rubber spatula while it is still hot and add the strawberries you mashed at step 2.
5. Spread katakuriko (not listed) in a shallow tray. Put Step 3 and coat. When it cools, divide into 4 pieces.
6. .
7. Spread out the skin from Step 6. Put the strawberry sweet beans paste in, form into a ball, then it is done!
8. Bon appetit.
9. The way you decorate really shows your true character.

Story Behind this Recipe

Share the kitchen with your kids! I thought of making that kind of recipes into a series.

"Cooking together with kids! Vol. 1"