Calcium-packed Rich Matcha Latte

Calcium-packed Rich Matcha Latte

The skimmed milk powder gives this drink an extremely rich texture and a subtle sweetness, even if you use non-fat milk! This healthy drink is nice hot or iced, and is great for dieters.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Matcha or powdered green tea
1 teaspoon
Skim milk powder
6 heaped teaspoons
Milk or soy milk
about 200 ml (or less)
Toppings of your choice (see Hints)
as needed


1. Combine the matcha and skim milk powder into a large mug (if you are making it hot), and mix with a spoon. If you are making it iced, a normal cup is fine!
2. Pour a small amount (50 ml or less) of cold milk into the cup, and mix well with a spoon until it has a cream-like consistency.
3. Add the rest of the milk and mix with a spoon. Microwave at 900 W for 1 minute 30 seconds (adjust as necessary), and whisk with a milk frother if you have one.
4. Finally, add toppings of your choice (I added honey and a small amount of matcha) and you've got a delicious drink.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make an extravagant and tasty drink using a milk frother that I bought recently.