Make Corn Soup-Flavored Okara Cookies in the Microwave

Make Corn Soup-Flavored Okara Cookies in the Microwave

The only ingredients required are fresh okara and instant soup powder! These cookies have a snack-like taste that kids will love, too.


Fresh okara
50 g
Instant corn soup powder
1 serving


1. Put all the ingredients in a plastic bag, and mix with a spoon. Press hard over the bag to form the mixture into a dough.
2. Use a rolling pin over the plastic bag to roll the dough out as thinly as possible. Cut into pieces over the bag with a knife (The knife will not get messy this way.)
3. To transfer the dough to a baking sheet: Cut the plastic bag open. Lay parchment paper on to of the dough, followed by a flat board (an inverted baking sheet or cutting board is good).
4. Securing the baking sheet or board, flip over. The dough will be transferred to the parchment paper easily this way without falling apart. Peel off the plastic bag, and the dough is moved successfully.
5. Microwave the dough at 500-600W for 5 minutes, then open the microwave oven door to let steam escape. Microwave for longer while observing the dough (it's done in a total of 5-10 minutes).
6. If your oven is 800W, it takes 2 minutes. After 2 minutes open the door to let the steam escape, lower to 500-600W, and microwave in 30 second increments while observing the dough.
7. The cookies are ready when they are crispy enough to break apart. If they are limp when lifted, they need more time. Keep in mind that they will harden when cooled.
8. They burn easily, so watch out. Don't take your eyes off while you are microwave-cooking the cookies!
9. Make a lot and freezer them to use as emergency snacks when you're on a diet. If you eat them with lots of liquid, you can stave off hunger pangs.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I originally posted this recipe as a microwave variation for "Easy Okara Cookies - No Tools Needed" Recipe ID: 809147. Since it doesn't use sugar and the amounts are different, COOKPAD asked me to make it a separate recipe.