Kimpira Stir-fry Rice Burgers Just Like Mos Burger

Kimpira Stir-fry Rice Burgers Just Like Mos Burger

I worked in Mos Burger for 5 years when I was a student. Here's my attempt to reproduce the rice burgers I ate at that time. I'm happy that it tastes great.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Kimpira (sauteed burdock roots and carrots)
as needed
Plain cooked rice
1 serving
Soy sauce
1/2 tablespoon
1/2 tablespoon
Nori seaweed
as needed


1. Wrap warmed rice in plastic wrap and press down lightly. Combine soy sauce and sugar.
2. Wet your hands. Divide the rice from Step 1 into 2 portions. Form flat and round patties.
3. Heat sesame oil (not listed) in a frying pan and fry one side until slightly browned.
4. Flip over. Use a spoon or a brush to spread the mixed condiments on one side. Flip over again and continue to fry.
5. When it's golden brown like this, sandwich kimpira burdocks and nori seaweed, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had leftover kimpira stir-fry.