Basil & Cheese Chicken Ham

Basil & Cheese Chicken Ham

The cheese is gooey, and goes well together with the basil.


Chicken breast
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
Dried Basil
Lots ♪
Powdered cheese
Lots ♪
Large plastic wrap (something 30cm in width)
As needed


1. Remove the skin from the chicken breast meat and cut so that the height of the meat is uniform (make it into 1 even piece). Be careful not to cut it apart!!
2. Rub sugar into step 1, and then rub in salt. Place into a plastic bag, put it into the fridge, and let sit for 1-2 hours.
3. *De-salting* Lightly rinse, and soak in water for 30 minutes.
4. Dry the chicken and sprinkle just one side with dried basil and powdered cheese, and roll it up from the side.
5. Prepare a big piece of plastic wrap, place step 4 into the center, wrap it up while removing the air, stand it up, and twist the top and bottom closed (both ends).
6. Boil water in a deep pot, add in Step 5, boil on a low heat for 7 minutes, cover with a lid, let sit for half a day, and it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got completely hooked on chicken ham, and tried making it with various flavors, but it turned out salty
I adjusted the amount of salt and added powdered cheese in with my favorite basil, and my husband loves it as well as I!! So I made a recipe.