California Rolls

California Rolls

You can make these with simple ingredients!
It's so easy you'll be amazed that they're real California rolls.

Ingredients: Around 3 rolls

Sushi Rice (Refer to Recipe ID: 1348796)
about 2 rice-cooker cups' worth
1 and a half
Crab sticks
1 packet
Toasted nori seaweed
3 full sheets
Black Sesame (or white sesame)
to taste
to taste


1. Prepare two rice cooker cups' worth of sushi rice. You can find a recipe for sushi rice at Recipe ID: 1348796
2. Cover the sushi mat with plastic wrap.
3. Lay out the nori on top of the plastic wrap.
4. Spread the sushi rice out over the nori in a thin, even layer.
5. Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top of the rice. Wet your hands, and gently press the sesame seeds into the rice. Flip everything over (nori, rice & sesame seeds).
6. Lay the crab sticks and avocado on the nori, and wrap tightly.
7. After you peel them slowly off the mats, you'll be all done!
8. Cut the rolls and garnish with mayonnaise.
9. To dress up the rolls a little more, try garnishing them with parsley or salmon roe.

Story Behind this Recipe

I challenged myself to make easy California rolls at home. They were surprisingly easy and cheap to prepare!