Decorative Floret Sushi Rolls

Decorative Floret Sushi Rolls

Try these cute decorative floret sushi rolls.
For festive occasions, like Spring Equinox Day, Doll Festival, or cherry blossom viewing, or simply to dress up your child's bento (lunch box).

Ingredients: One futomaki (thick) sushi roll

Sushi rice (white rice)
About 75 g
Sushi vinegar (for the petals)
About 75 ml
Sausage (fish meat)
Nori seaweed (sushi nori)
1 sheet
Seaweed (for the petals) (Onigiri rice ball nori)
5 sheets
Sakura denbu (pink fish flakes) or furikake rice sprinkles to add color to the sushi rice for the petals. I added color by cooking the rice with a small amount of black rice.
As needed


1. To make the petals, roll the colored sushi rice into 5 narrow rolls (using the 75 g of sushi rice divided into 5 parts).
2. Make 5 narrow sushi rolls.
3. Surround the sausage with the 5 narrow sushi rolls to make a flower pattern.
4. Use a makisu (bamboo rolling sushi mat) to adjust the flower shape.
5. Spread white sushi rice on 1 sheet of sushi nori (To fit the length of the sausage, the sushi should be rolled along the longer side of the sheet of nori. Leave 2 cm at the end of the nori, without adding more sushi rice).
6. Wrap the pink petal portions from Step 4 inside the white sushi rice roll.
7. To prevent the flower pattern from losing shape, wrap tightly and slice the rolls evenly (wipe knife off after each cut for a clean finish on the florets).
8. Bon Appetit!
9. For a Doll's Festival dinner celebration, I made these decorative floret sushi rolls and temari sushi rolls.

Story Behind this Recipe

My son grew black rice at his preschool. I came up with the idea for festive floral sushi rolls since I wanted him to enjoy sushi with black rice. It's simple, but a sure hit with the kids. We make them regularly at home.