Chinese Cabbage and Tofu With An Sauce

Chinese Cabbage and Tofu With An Sauce

This is a Chinese cabbage and tofu dish with a Japanese flavored thick an sauce. It will warm you right up!

Ingredients: 2

1 small block
Chinese or nappa cabbage
1 leaf
Japanese leek or green onion (the green part)
○ Dashi stock
○ Mentsuyu
1 tablespoon
○ Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
○ Sake
1 tablespoon
○ Katakuriko slurry
1 teaspoon of starch dissolved in water


1. Slice the Chinese cabbage thinly. Cut the tofu into fairly big pieces. Bring the dashi stock to a boil in a small pan, and start by simmering the stalk part of the cabbage first.
2. When it's cooked add the sake, mentsuyu sauce, soy sauce, tofu, the rest of the Chinese cabbage, and the leek or green onion.
3. When everything is cooked add the katakuriko dissolved in water and stir in gently. Transfer to a serving plate and top with some grated ginger to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made it light with Chinese cabbage and tofu.