Restaurant-Quality Simmered 'Kinmedai' (Splendid alfonsino) Head and Japanese Leeks

Kinmedai head is best prepared simmered!
The meat around the eyes, jaw, and head are delicious.

Ingredients: 3-4 servings

Head of a Kinmedai (Splendid alfonsino)
Japanese leek
For the sauce:
200 ml
60 ml
60 ml
1 tablespoon
Sliced ginger
2 slices
Soy sauce to finish
50 ml


1. Find a good size fish and use the body another dish, then simmer the head.
2. Fillet the fish. Use the cuts for sashimi or boiled hot pots.
3. Cut the head between the eyes.
4. There will be small scales around the gills which can be removed by plunging in boiling water.
5. Then quickly place on ice water and rinse off the scales and bloody bits.
6. Combine all the seasoning ingredients, except the soy sauce, in a pan and bring them to a boil. Then add the fish head.
7. Cover with a drop lid and reduce the liquid to half over high heat; about 5 minutes.
8. While the sauce is reducing, sear the leek over very low heat until they are nicely browned.
9. When the sauce is reduced by half, add the soy sauce.
10. When the sauce simmers down to a third, remove the drop lid, and baste the fish.
11. When the sauce simmers to a fourth of its original volume, add the leeks and cook for about 1 minute. Be careful not to let the sauce burn.
12. Use a spatula to transfer the fish to a serving plate. Serve with the leeks and it's ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

Simmered Kinmedai head!