Deep-Fried Tofu That Tastes Like Meat (Western and Japanese Variations)

Deep-Fried Tofu That Tastes Like Meat (Western and Japanese Variations)

What is this? Is it meat?
Please give this a try. I would be so happy if you do.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make proportion

Firm tofu
1 block (net weight 360 g)
Beaten egg
1 egg
Cake flour
5 tablespoons
5 tablespoons
Canned tuna
1 can
Grated cheese
1 tablespoon
Western-style version
Minced parsely
2 tablespoons
Krazy Salt
1/2 teaspoon
Coarsely ground pepper
to taste
Japanese-style version
Minced green onions
2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper
1/2 teaspoon


1. Drain excess water from firm tofu. Discard drained water, put tofu on a heat-resistant dish, then microwave for about 3 minutes at 500W.
2. After it cooks, put a colander in a bowl and transfer the tofu to the colander.
3. Let the tofu sit for 1 hour. If water builds up while sitting, drain it off.
4. After 1 hour, a block of firm tofu that weighed 360 g should now weigh about 310 g.
5. Roughly crumble the tofu into a bowl using your hands, and add the remaining ingredients. Lightly drain the canned tuna before adding.
6. For the western style version, add parsley, Krazy Salt, and coarsely ground pepper. For the Japanese style version, add Ajishio-kosho seasoning salt with pepper and minced green onions, then stir.
7. Once it is well blended, drop about a tablespoon into medium-hot oil and deep fry until golden.
8. When they're nice and crispy, they're ready to serve! This is the Japanese-style version. Serve it with ponzu (Chinese citrus-based sauce)!
9. I substituted tempura flour for cake flour, and it turned out okay! If you don't drain the tofu, the texture will be different.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was a child, I recall a recipe called "tofu snack" (maybe?) in a cookbook. It was made by deep frying a mixture of tofu, tuna, parsley, and consomme, then serving it with ketchup and mustard (at that time, I couldn't make it properly). Relying on my memory, although it turned into something different, I succeeded in making a tasty dish.