Sweet Potato and Chestnut Fried Balls

Sweet Potato and Chestnut Fried Balls

Under a crispy exterior is a sweet, warm, and moist sweet potato filling.

Ingredients: about 20 large bite-sized balls

Sweet potatoes
1 tablespoon (quite sweet using this quantity)
20 to 30 g
30 to 50 ml
Vanilla essence (optional)
2-3 drops
The coating:
Somen noodles
to taste


1. Cut the sweet potato up into appropriately sized pieces and boil. Crush the somen noodles to about 1 cm long. You don't have to be too precise.
2. While the boiled sweet potatoes are still warm use a masher to crush. Add butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla essence in that order and mix.
3. Once mixed, roll into large bite-sized balls. Cover with beaten egg and then the somen noodles.
4. Fry in oil until the outside is golden brown and they're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a snack my mother used to make for me.