Easy and Cheap Deep-Fried Eggs (for Bento)

Easy and Cheap Deep-Fried Eggs (for Bento)

This is a simple, cheap, and delicious dish that's easy on the pocketbook. You can even serve them as a main dish.
Even though they're fried, the only dirty dishes are the plates!
This recipe is a must!

Ingredients: 1 egg's worth

As needed
Salt and pepper
To taste


1. Spread panko on a dish.
2. Crack the egg. Season with salt and pepper (no need to crack egg into the center).
3. Cover lightly with panko.
4. Bring the plate closer to the frying pan with oil. Slide the whole thing with the panko into the oil to deep-fry (ideally 180°C). The eggs will become round in the oil, so try not to worry too much about their shape.
5. Deep-fry until golden brown to finish.
6. This recipe was created by my grandmother who's now 95 years old. Thanks Grandma! I wish you a long and healthy life!

Story Behind this Recipe

This has been my favorite dish ever since I was small.

"I've been eating these deep-fried eggs my whole life. It's so tasty and cheap, but no one knows about it!" Says my mother.

I wanted everyone to learn about them!