Light and Fluffy Tofu Hamburger Steaks Simmered in Sauce

Light and Fluffy Tofu Hamburger Steaks Simmered in Sauce

The tofu makes the patties soft and fluffy. This is a simmered hamburger steak that will melt in your mouth It's so easy.

Ingredients: 6 patties

Ground meat
Silken tofu
Salt and pepper
A small amount
Tomato simmering sauce
Canned diced tomatoes
1 can
Soup stock cube
Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce
1 tablespoon
2 teaspoons
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon


1. To make the hamburgers, dice the onion and cook. Put all the hamburger ingredients into a bowl and knead thoroughly.
2. Continue to mix the hamburger ingredients until pink and sticky.
3. Form into patties of your desired shape. Brown the surface in a pan set over medium strong heat. You do not have to cook the patties through at this stage, just brown the surface.
4. Make the tomato sauce by combining all of the sauce ingredients together in a pot and turn on the heat.
5. When the soup stock cube has dissolved into the sauce, add the browned hamburgers from step 3, simmer in the sauce for about 10 minutes. If you use a pressure cooker, simmer for 3 minutes, and let the pressure cooker cool down naturally.
6. You could add chopped potatoes and carrots to the simmer in step 5 Cut the vegetables into chunks and wrap them in plastic wrap. Cook halfway through in the microwave before cooking (or just throw them raw into the pressure cooker).
7. Cover the patties with sliced cheese. I used pre-sliced cheese and simmer in the covered pot for 2-3 minutes to melt.
8. It should look like this after the cheese has melted.
9. If you have leftover sauce: Dilute with water and simmer rice in it for a yummy "tomato risotto." You could even add tomatoes and cheese while simmering. So good!

Story Behind this Recipe

I really like hamburgers, so I created this recipe.