Everyone's Favorite BLT Sandwich

Everyone's Favorite BLT Sandwich

Crispy bacon, creamy egg, crunchy lettuce, and the spiciness of the mustard powder combine to make this an excellent sandwich!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Sliced bread
3cm thick (from a 4-slice loaf)
Tip: You can use a 2.4 cm thick slice (from a 5-slice loaf) instead.
35g (4~5 slices of half bacon)
Melting cheese
1 slice
to taste
Mayonnaise and powdered mustard
as needed


1. Cut the bread into half. If using thin sandwich bread, you don't need to cut it. Toast the bread.
2. After toasting, spread mayonnaise and sprinkle mustard powder on one side of each of the two slices.
3. Once you make the egg omelet, fry the bacon.
4. Arrange the bacon on the bread.
5. Top with cheese.
6. Top with the egg omelet.
7. Top with tomato.
8. Pile lettuce high on top.
9. Top with the second slice, cut in half, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had this sandwich as part of a breakfast set at a restaurant, so I always make it on weekends, or on morning when I have some time.