Easy Potato Galettes with Fish Sausage

Easy Potato Galettes with Fish Sausage

Just 3 main ingredients are needed! This is a simple and stylish potato galette using ingredients available at home. Try it for breakfast.


Fish sausage
1 sausage
1 (about 100-150g)
Pizza cheese
50g (about 5 tablespoons)
Salt and pepper
Ketchup (optional)
to taste


1. This is what we will be using. Shown in front is a mandolin for slicing thin strips.
2. You don't need oil. Place the cheese into a Teflon pan.
3. Add the sausage cut into 2-3 mm diagonal pieces.
4. Directly grate the potatoes into the pan from step 3 using the strip slicer. Even it out, and sprinkle salt and pepper.
5. Put on the stove. Cook it over low medium heat. Cook while pressing down on with a spatula.
6. Take a peek at the underside, and flip it over if it has browned like shown in the photo above. Cook while pressing down on it as in step 5.
7. It is done once it turns a nice golden brown color. Arrange it onto plates with the potato side facing up. Eat it with ketchup if you like.
8. It also unexpectedly goes well with soy sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried using fish sausages in a recipe where I normally use bacon. It turned out delicious, so I posted the recipe!