Versatile Smooth Sake Lees

Versatile Smooth Sake Lees

Amazake can be used immediately for any dish such as miso soup, desserts, and of course, for a sake lees hot pot!


Sake lees (flat cake type)
200 g
800 ml


1. Combine all ingredients into a blender and turn the switch on! It's done once it becomes smooth.
2. Here's my recipe for 'Amazake' (Recipe ID: 1332771) using 50 g smooth sake lees, 1-2 teaspoons sugar, and Soy milk (milk or water) 100-150 g.
3. If you prefer it rich, serve it without diluting.
4. Place the ingredients in a mug and heat for 2 minutes in a 500 W microwave. Add ginger to taste! It'll warm you up.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's troublesome to dissolve the flat cake type sake lees. I came up with this recipe for a quick way to use it any time!