Low-Calorie Tofu and Soy Milk Pudding

Low-Calorie Tofu and Soy Milk Pudding

These are easy and healthy!
Even without heavy cream, this is still so delicious.
It uses artificial sweetener and doesn't call for sugar. Forget the bitterness of being on a diet with this yummy Japanese-style pudding.

Ingredients: 4 servings (84 calories each)

Silken tofu
200 g
Soy milk
100 ml
100 ml
PAL Sweet (aspartame)
2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
Gelatin powder
5 g
To taste
Vanilla extract
To taste
※ For the liqueur, try Kirsch, Cointreau, Rum, or Curacao.


1. Drain the tofu and set aside. Bloom the gelatin in 50 ml of milk for at least 10 minutes. Heat the gelatin and milk mixture in the microwave for 25 seconds.
2. Put the tofu and the sweetener in a blender and blend. Add in the remaining milk, soy milk, liqueur, salt, and vanilla. Mix the ingredients together.
3. Add the dissolved gelatin, and filter the mixture through a sieve. Divide the mixture into serving containers and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours until the pudding has set.
4. PAL sweet has 3 calories per heaping teaspoon, and has the same sweetness of 1 scant tablespoon of sugar, which has 30 calories.
5. The pudding is delicious topped with "Tearstar's" Homemade Kuromitsu syrup. Recipe ID: 1177934.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a delicious tofu pudding without heavy cream. This recipe was developed through trial and error.
Soft and jiggly, this delicious pudding will melt in your mouth.
Since the recipe uses artificial sweetener, there is no sugar (meaning maybe you could eat this every day)!
The number of calories will differ depending on the type of tofu and soy milk you use.