Rum Scented Chocolate Tart for Valentine's Day

Rum Scented Chocolate Tart for Valentine's Day

A crunchy tart with a truffle-like feel and rich filling. Easily takes on a nice appearance, making this perfect for homemade presents.

Ingredients: one 20 cm tart pan

Tart Crust
●Cake flour
10 g
●Salt (if using salted butter you don't need)
a pinch
Butter (cut into cubes ahead of time)
60 g
Heavy cream (whipped OK)
100 ml
30 ml
Chocolate bar
2 (120 g)
◆Rum raisin
as desired
◆Roasted walnuts
as desired
※Cocoa powder topping
as desired


1. (Soak the raisins in the rum at least overnight to create rum raisins.)
2. Add cold butter to the ● powdered ingredients and mix until smooth (be careful not to melt with the heat from your hand). You can use a food processor.
3. Add the beaten eggs and mix together. Leave in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, or overnight. Apply butter to the pan, sprinkle with flour, and cool.
4. Stretch the filling out to double the size of the pan and use a fork to open holes. Heat in your preheated oven at 160°C for 35 minutes, then cool and set aside.
5. Heat the heavy cream and milk in a small pan to just before boiling point. Stop the heat, break up the chocolate bar and add to melt.
6. Once the chocolate has melted let cool off, add the beaten eggs, and mix.
7. If possible put through a strainer and add rum (1 tablespoon of the rum used to make the rum raisins).
8. In the cooked tart pan add rum raisins and roasted walnuts as you like.
9. Pour in the mixture. If the rum raisins or walnuts pop up push them back down. Also get rid of any bubbles at the top.
10. Cook in a preheated oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. Once cooled sprinkle cocoa powder if you like and it's finished.
11. You can put on a plate and decorate with powdered sugar, very cute.

Story Behind this Recipe

I added rum raisins to the rich chocolate tart that my daughters love.