Cute Potatoes & Carrots for Hot Pots or Curries

Cute Potatoes & Carrots for Hot Pots or Curries

Even hot pots and curries should be decorated, don't you think?


As needed
As needed


1. Peel as many potatoes and carrots as you need, and slice 5 mm thick. Make star-shaped cutouts from each slice.
2. Push the potato star cut-out into the carrot slice and vice versa. Done!!
3. If you're using these in a hot pot, parboil until they're still firm. If using in a curry or stew, you may want to cook them until they're softer.

Story Behind this Recipe

We had a bunch of potato and carrot decoratons I made for Christmas.
They were cute, but I had leftovers, which was a shame.
So I thought, if I add them to hot pots or curries, maybe they'll be all eaten up!!