A Mild Dry Curry with Ketchup

A Mild Dry Curry with Ketchup

The basic seasonings are curry powder and ketchup.


Minced beef and pork
300 g
1 clove
Butter (for frying)
as needed
Dried parsley powder
for decoration (optional)
[Flavoring ingredients]
●Curry powder
1-3 tablespoons
●Salt and pepper
to taste
●Soup stock cube
200 ml
3 tablespoons


1. Finely chop the onion, carrot, and garlic.
2. Heat a frying pan or a deep pan, melt the butter and fry the garlic.
3. When the garlic has become fragrant, add the meat, onion, and carrot, and fry thoroughly.
4. When the meat has browned and the vegetables have wilted, add the curry powder, ketchup, salt and pepper, and mix everything together.
5. Add the stock cube and water, and simmer.
6. It's done when the liquid has reduced and the curry has thickened.
7. Put rice on a plate and pour the curry. Sprinkle some parsley if you have it.
8. Variations: Here's some feedback I got from users...
9. Many people added eggs - soft boiled, hard boiled, and fried. The white and yellow of the egg will surely give the dish an appetizing look.
10. Others added various vegetables in addition to the carrot and onion - beans (soy beans, chick peas), green beans, eggplant, kabocha squash...
11. .... Cabbage, green and red bell peppers, potatoes, spinach, shimeji mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, etc...........

Story Behind this Recipe

If it's too curry-like, my kids say it's too spicy, so I added a decent amount of ketchup to give it a milder flavour.