Fish Sausage Nori Seaweed Bacon Rolls

Fish Sausage Nori Seaweed Bacon Rolls

The taste of nori seaweed, along with cheese and bacon, goes well together with fish sausages . This recipe is also great for making bento during those busy mornings.

Ingredients: 2 sausages yield 12 pieces

Fish Sausages
2 sausages
Nori seaweed (for wrapping)
2 sheets
3 slices
Sliced cheese
1 slice
1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil
as needed


1. Cut the bacon into fourths as shown in the photo. Do the same for the remaining 2 strips. (Creates 12 strips)
2. Cut the sliced cheese into fourths. Slice the fish sausages open in half vertically.
3. Stick in 2 slices of cheese.
4. Spread out 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise onto the nori seaweed, place the fish sausage on top, and wrap it up. Make the other roll in the same manner.
5. Roll the fish sausages up in the nori seaweed, and cut each roll into 6 equal portions (12 rolls total)
6. Wrap with the bacon from Step 1, and secure with a toothpick.
7. Add a bit of oil to a pan, and crisp the surface of the bacon over a medium heat. They are done once they have crisped slightly.
8. I used Nissei fish sausages to make this. [For a more mature flavor, you can spread spicy mustard onto the nori seaweed.]
9. Adding twice the amount of cheese will increase the volume of the rolls. Please increase the amount if you love cheese. You can even use them for your hubby's beer snack!
10. I changed the plain toothpicks out fore decorative ones. They are really cute in a bento!

Story Behind this Recipe

*It is still a long ways off, but I thought up a cute recipe that I can take to a cherry blossom viewing picnic.
*I set aside bento portions first, and used the rest as beer snacks.