My Family's Yuzu Tea

My Family's Yuzu Tea

An easy recipe that doesn't require heating. For the yuzu, use everything except for the seeds. You can make this with just sugar or honey.


as much as you like (I used ten, 760 g)
40-50% net weight (without seeds) of the yuzu (I used 280 g)
40-50% net weight (without seeds) of the yuzu (I used 280 g)
Clean container
I used 3 bottles that can hold 400 ml each


1. Rinse the yuzu well, and wipe away any excess water with a paper towel. Weigh them out.
2. Slice the yuzu in half.
3. Layer a colander in a bowl, and squeeze the yuzu inside. Discard the seeds.
4. You won't need the seeds, just the juice. Weigh the seeds and subtract that from the original mass. The seeds usually weigh a little less than 10% of the original mass.
5. Transfer the juice into an empty container. I separated the juice into 3 containers.
6. Slice the yuzu skin in half, then julienne that as finely as you can. Use both the skin and the sac. Remove the stem.
7. Divide into equal portions, and pack into the container.
8. Add the sugar. If the container fills up, press down with a spoon.
9. Pour in the honey. I usually place the container on a scale to weigh as I work.
10. Done with the prepping. Don't worry about mixing, it's not necessary.
11. This is how it looks like after 5 days. It's ready to be served. Actually, you can drink it after 2 days, but it still tastes a little bitter.
12. Pour a decent amount of the yuzu tea into a cup. Pour some hot water over it, and enjoy. I usually scoop up the skin and eat that too.

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend taught me this recipe ages ago, but her recipe called for sugar. My version calls for both sugar and honey.