Japanese-Style Stewed Pork Chunks

Japanese-Style Stewed Pork Chunks

A simple Japanese-style chunky stew that you can cut with chopsticks. Prepare it the day before an event.

Ingredients: 3 people

Japanese Pork Belly Meat
500 g
For the Meat Seasoning
A) Green portion of white leeks
A) Ginger (with skin intact)
1 piece
A) Water
3 cups
A) Sake
1/2 cup
A) Red Chili Pepper
1 pepper
For the glaze:
Soy sauce
2 1/2 tablespoons+2 1/2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Japanese mustard
To taste
Greens (bok choy, Japanese mustard spinach, spinach etc.) pre-boiled
To taste
Mustard paste
To taste


1. Take the pork belly meat out of the fridge, and warm to room temperature (30 minutes~11 hours). You don't need oil if using a Teflon frying pan, cook over a medium heat until it turns golden brown evenly.
2. The fat will render out during cooking, so cook while wiping the excess grease with a paper towel. Once it has turned golden brown, rinse the fat off quickly with water, and transfer to a pot. Add in A, and stew for 1 1/2 hours.
3. It is ready to go once you can poke a toothpick through cleanly (this cooks in 20 minutes in a pressure cooker). Let it sit as-is overnight. The fat will harden as shown in the picture below.
4. Cut off the hardened fat from the pork with a knife. Cut the pork into easy-to-eat portions (cut each piece into sixths), and add to the pot.
5. Put the boiled broth onto the stove and turn it on, add half of the soy sauce, bring it to a boil and then reduce to a low heat, and stew for 20 minutes. Add the sugar and remaining soy sauce, and stew for an additional 20 minutes.
6. Check the taste, and adjust by adding water if the taste is too strong. Top with Japanese mustard, and cover with the sauce and the ingredients stewed in the sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

I have always eaten this Japanese recipe. Please use delicious domestically-produced pork for events or for dinner guests.