How To Dice Cheese without Clumping

How To Dice Cheese without Clumping

Have you every had the difficulty of finely cutting cheese? If so, try out my method!


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1. Here I used sliced cheese. If you try to cut it as is, it will stick together and won't separate.
2. Freeze until hardened. Surprisingly, it won't take long.
3. Cut into pieces with a knife. It won't stick together, and the pieces will separate easily. It's very easy to handle now. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to show this in a picture.
4. Use the cut cheese in recipes such as " Edamame and Cheese Bread" Recipe ID: 1322033

Story Behind this Recipe

I have used this method for years, but surprisingly there are lots of people who don't know it, so I uploaded this recipe. COODPAD users might know this already.