Healthy Cookies with Okara and Rice flour

Healthy Cookies with Okara and Rice flour

Crunchy exterior and chewy inside. It's an okara cookie recipe which is easily made by just mixing. Also good for when you are on a diet.

Ingredients: 24 pieces, 2 cm in diameter each

Fresh okara
50 g
Rice flour (Joshinko or rice flour for baking)
50 g
Sugar (such as beet sugar and light brown sugar)
20 g
Olive oil (or any other oil)
2 tablespoons
Soy milk (or regular milk)
2 tablespoons


1. [Preparation] Preheat the oven to 170℃.
2. Put fresh okara, rice flour, and sugar in a bowl and mix with your hands. It will be easier if you weigh the ingredients while putting them in the bowl.
3. Add olive oil and continue mixing. It will be crumbly, so don't worry if the mixture is not coming together!
4. Add the soy milk and continue mixing. The dough is ready when it comes together into one piece. Add some oil if it is not coming together.
5. Shape the cookies by forming the dough into a ball and then pressing the dough tightly.
6. Bake in a 170℃ preheated oven for 30 minutes. The cookies will have a crunchy exterior and chewy interior! It is ready.
7. It will be crispy again if you toast it in a oven toaster on the next day.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I love baked desserts made with okara and rice flour, so I tried making it.