Decorative Sushi Rolls

Decorative Sushi Rolls

Fun and easy sushi bites that are perfect as finger food for house parties.

Ingredients: A dozen rolls

Freshly cooked rice
180 to 270 g
Sushi vinegar
to taste
Smoked salmon
8 slices
Sashimi slices
as needed


1. Thinly slice cucumbers lengthwise with a peeler and use 1/2 an egg to make an egg crepe, then cut into long, thin slices.
2. Fold (as if cutting) the seasoned rice vinegar into the freshly cooked rice to make sushi rice.
3. Form the sushi rice into balls with a slightly flat surface on the bottom and top. Wrap with cucumber, egg, or smoked salmon.
4. Top with your favorite garnishes (raw tuna, grilled egg, avocado, etc.) and serve!
5. This could be a festive way to dress up a table for Christmas, Doll's Festival, or on birthdays.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this decorative variation of temari sushi (ball-shaped sushi bites), as I make these often for my family.