Mandarin Orange Tea

Mandarin Orange Tea

Give this tea a try!


Black tea (tea bag)
Mandarin orange
1 small
a teacup full
Sugar or honey
to taste


1. For this recipe, I'll rescue this mandarin orange!
2. Peel the orange, then cut it in half crosswise.
3. Fill a teacup halfway with water, add the cut orange, then microwave on the milk setting.
4. Take out of the microwave and add the teabag to make tea. Add sugar or your favorite sweetener, then drink up!
5. Mash up the orange with a spoon as you sip.
6. If you're using a large mandarin orange, use half.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to rescue a mandarin orange that had gotten slightly wrinkly, so I put it in my daily cup of black tea.