Cabbage Only! Crunchy! Salted Cabbage

Cabbage Only! Crunchy! Salted Cabbage

You can eat tons of raw cabbage with this recipe!


as much as you like
For the sauce:
◎Sesame oil : salt : chicken soup stock granules
Use a 6 : 1 : 1 ratio (for example 2 tablespoons : 1 teaspoon : 1 teaspoon)
just a tiny bit


1. Put soup stock granules in a bowl or on a plate, add enough water to cover, and leave for a while.
2. After a while, the soup granules will dissolve, so add salt at this point.
3. Mix in sesame oil to the liquid in Step 3 to make the sauce.
4. Wash the cabbage, and tear into easy to eat pieces.
5. Put the cabbage on a plate and pour on the sauce. Alternatively, mix the sauce and cabbage together in a bowl.
6. It's also delicious with sesame seeds added to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for lunch with things I had on hand.