Pork Belly Simmered in Tomato Sauce

Pork Belly Simmered in Tomato Sauce

Browned pork belly is rich, full of umami, and delicious. This is a simmered dish, so it's great for serving to guests. It's also delicious served as dipping sauce for bread.

Ingredients: 3 to 4 servings

Pork belly (block)
300 g
Canned whole tomatoes
1 can
Mixed beans
1 can
Eggplant (slim Japanese type)
2 cloves
Brown button mushrooms (or chestnut mushrooms)
Shimeji mushrooms
1/4 pack
White wine
1 cup (200 ml)
Black pepper
a small amount
Olive oil
as needed


1. Take the tomatoes out of the can, remove the seeds and cut into bite sized pieces. Rinse the mixed beans and drain.
2. Slice the onion, carrot, and eggplant.
3. Slice the brown mushrooms. Cut the root ends off the shimeji mushrooms and separate with your hands. Finely mince the garlic.
4. Cut the pork belly into 5 cm cubes. Rub black pepper evenly into the pork cubes.
5. Brown the pork belly cubes in olive oil in a pan over medium heat until browned on all sides.
6. Add olive oil and the garlic to a thick bottomed pan. Turn the heat on and stir fry slowly over low heat.
7. When the olive oil and garlic are fragrant, transfer the browned pork belly cubes to the pan.
8. Add the onion, carrot, eggplant, the mushrooms and the white wine. Cover with a lid and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.
9. When the pork belly is tender, add the whole can of tomatoes and mixed beans, and simmer for an additional 10 minutes.
10. When the pork belly is tender, season with black pepper and it's done. It's really delicious served with toast.

Story Behind this Recipe

Pork belly blocks were on sale, so I used my beloved Staub pan to make this simmered dish.