A Standard Taiwanese Breakfast: Egg Crepe (Dan Bing)

A Standard Taiwanese Breakfast: Egg Crepe (Dan Bing)

This is my mother's secret recipe - egg wrapped in a crepe and eaten with a special sauce. The thin crepe is chewy and tender. It's great as a drinking snack as well as for breakfast.

Ingredients: 2 crepes

★ Bread flour
50 g
★ Cake flour
50 g
★ Katakuriko
30 g
★ Water
200 ml
★ Salt
1/2 teaspoon
Green onions
2 stalks
For the sauce:
Oyster sauce
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons
2 teaspoons
1 tablespoon
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
to taste


1. Cut the green onions into thin round slices and set aside. Combine all the ingredients for the sauce.
2. To make the batter, put all the ★ ingredients into a bowl and mix gently and thoroughly so that it is not lumpy. Add half the amount of the green onion into the batter.
3. Heat the skillet (no oil) and pour in half of the batter. Cook over very low heat. (Spread the batter evenly.)
4. Turn it over and pan-fry the other side. Once it is done cooking, take it out onto a plate. Make another crepe with the remaining batter.
5. Beat the egg and mix in the remaining green onions.
6. Heat some oil in the skillet and pour in a half portion of the eggs.
7. Place the crepe from Step 4 onto the egg while it is still half-way cooked.
8. Turn it over when the egg gets solid.
9. Cook it for about 30 seconds, then start rolling it up.
10. Once it is rolled up, transfer to a cutting board, cut into 6 equal pieces and serve it onto a plate. Repeat with the remaining egg mixture, serve it onto a plate, and it is done.
11. Dip it in the special sauce! It goes well with ketchup or gyoza sauce as well.
12. It is also delicious if you add any of your own favorite toppings (e.g. cheese, bacon, corn, or tuna.) at Step 8.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother used to make this dish for breakfast The crepe part is her secret recipe ! The chewy and plump texture is irresistible.