Homemade Udon Noodles with Rice Bran

Homemade Udon Noodles with Rice Bran

These noodles are made with fresh rice bran. Although this recipe relies on a bread machine and pasta maker, these delicious, healthy noodles are chewy and firm to the bite.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Bread (strong) flour
130 g
Cake flour
100 g
Rice bran
20 g
8 g
130 g or more


1. Knead the ingredients in a bread machine on the "udon" setting. If unavailable, knead on the "bread dough" setting.
2. Put the dough in a plastic bag, or wrap in plastic wrap, and let sit for 30 minutes.
3. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to a relatively even thickness, dust in flour, then pass dough though a pasta maker (on the middle thickness setting. On my machine, this would be the 3rd level.) to stretch to appropriate thickness.
4. Set your pasta machine to udon thickness (similar to the thickness of fettucine), and cut.
5. Dust your work surface with plenty of flour, then coat the noodles. If there's not enough flour, the noodles will stick.
6. Boil in a generous amount of water to desired firmness.
7. Strain in a colander, rinse well, firm the noodles with chilled water, then they're ready to serve.
8. Try them with "Petanko"'s "Tasty! Easy! Udon Dashi Soup Stock", Recipe ID: 1262448. This easy and delicious udon dashi is a favorite in our household.
9. For best results, boil as soon as the noodles are done. Since the noodles are chewy and firm to the bite, they only need to be boiled for a little less than 10 minutes before they're added to the soup.
10. I made thin udon noodles. They have a subtle sweetness like soba noodles.
11. Try these noodles with "CoffeeCoco"'s "Rich and Sour Miso-Flavored Hot and Sour Soup", Recipe ID: 1300913. It's very warming and delicious.
12. 20 g of rice bran is about 4 tablespoons. Two teaspoons of rice bran contain the same amount of vitamin B as 1 bowlful of brown rice.
13. Addendum: This recipe makes 4 servings, which means 1 tablespoon of rice bran per person; that's more than the equivalent of one bowl of brown rice.
14. Addendum: However, since vitamin B is water soluble, like soba, some of the nutrients will be removed when you boil the noodles.

Story Behind this Recipe

I figured that if you can make bread with rice bran, you can also make udon noodles with it. While it takes a bit of effort, homemade noodles are nice because they can be prepared in a variety of ways, they are chewy and firm to the bite, and are truly delicious. I'm also working on recipes using other types of flour. I hope this recipe is useful for you.