Rich-Flavored Japanese-Style Red Bean Rusk

Rich-Flavored Japanese-Style Red Bean Rusk

This is a simply Japanese-style rusk made with red beans. The heavy cream makes it come out nice and thick.

Ingredients: About 10 pieces

A bread of your preference (you can also use sliced bread)
1/2 loaf (about 5 cm) When using sliced bread, use 2 from an 8-slice loaf
Spread for the rusk:
Boiled adzuki beans (I used canned adzuki)
100 g
Heavy cream (I used Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Fresh 100)
150 ml
1/2 teaspoon
A) Brandy or rum
A small amount


1. [Bread preparation] Cut the bread (baguette) into 5 mm slices. If using sliced loaf, cut into 4 equal squares.
2. Dry the bread from Step 1 in the oven for 5-10 min (using a toaster oven is fine too). Cool the bread.
3. [Spread for the rusk] Mix ingredients marked with (A) well until fully mixed. Mash the beans lightly as you mix.
4. Soak the bread from Step 2 in the rusk spread from Step 3. Then top with red beans. *Don't soak the bread for too long!
5. Put Step 4 on a baking pan with baking sheet spread. Bake the bread in an oven preheated to 375°F/190°C for about 30 minutes. *See the hints.
6. Bake until crunchy, then cool. It's done when the bread cools.
7. I whipped the remaining cream, adding in the remaining boiled red beans to make red bean cream. Spread on the rusk and enjoy.
8. Version 1: I made this with sliced bread (with the crust removed).
9. Version 2: Use matcha and make Ujikintoki-style rusk.

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Rich-Flavored Japanese-style Red Bean Rusk.