Shira-ae (Mashed Tofu with Spinach and Konnyaku)

Shira-ae (Mashed Tofu with Spinach and Konnyaku)

This is a basic recipe for shira-ae tofu, so use whatever vegetables you like. This is a standby in our house.

Ingredients: 4-5 large portions

1 bunch
Enoki mushrooms
1 bag
* Mentsuyu (2x concentrate)
50 ml
* Water
50 ml
The tofu mixture:
+ Firm tofu
1 (a big 400 g block)
+ Miso
1 tablespoon
+ Sesame paste
1 tablespoon
+ Raw cane sugar
1 tablespoon
+ Honey
2 teaspoons
+ Salt
2 pinches
+ Ground sesame seeds
2 tablespoons or to taste


1. Blanch the spinach in plenty of boiling water until wilted, then drain and rinse in cold water to get rid of the bitterness. Drain the excess moisture from the tofu very well.
2. Cut the vegetables and konnyaku into bite size pieces and simmer in the combined * ingredients for about 3 minutes. Let cool in the cooking liquid to flavor the ingredients.
3. Put the tofu mixture ingredients into the food processor and pulse.
4. When it's smooth, it's done.
5. Cut up the cooked and tightly drained spinach from Step 1 into bite-sized lengths, drain the vegetables and konnyaku from Step 2 very well, and mix together with the tofu mix.
6. Taste, and if it needs more flavor, adjust by adding some of the remaining cooking liquid or adding sugar (I've kept the flavor light to let the the taste of the tofu shine through).
7. Arrange in a bowl, sprinkle with ground sesame seeds, and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I arranged shira-ae, a standard washoku or traditional Japanese dish for my daughter. This is a family favorite!