Spicy Sake Lees Miso with Gochujang

Spicy Sake Lees Miso with Gochujang

Try this out in various dishes, such as mixing it in natto or serving it over of rice.

Ingredients: easy-to-make portion

◎Sake lees
2 tablespoons (about 35 g)
◎White miso
2 tablespoons (if using blended miso, about 1 and 1/2 tablespoons)
1 1/2-2 teaspoons
◎Mirin or sake
1 tablespoon
about 50 ml


1. Soften the sake lees by microwaving at 500 W for 30 seconds.
2. Mix together the ◎ ingredients in a frying pan, then add water a little at a time to loosen the mixture.
3. Heat over medium heat. Constantly mix, and once it's thickened, it's complete.
4. It goes well with vegetables and (non-seasoned) nori.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm trying out different sauces and creams using sake lees to use up my batch.