Komatsuna and Spinach Steamed in the Microwave

Komatsuna and Spinach Steamed in the Microwave

It wastes a lot of time waiting for water to boil when you're blanching greens! Make them easy and quick in a microwave.


Komatsuna or Spinach
1 bunch
Plastic wrap
amount to wrap


1. This time I'm using komatsuna.
2. Rinse well to remove any dirt or debris.
3. Cut the roots off.
4. Divide in half, and flip half around so they steam evenly.
5. Wrap with plastic wrap. Be sure to secure the ends, too.
6. On a microwave-safe dish, cook for 1 and 1/2 minutes at 500-600 W. Cook to your preferred tenderness.
7. Place the wrapped bunch in cold water, and then remove the wrap. This prevents burns from the steam.
8. Drain and cut to size.
9. [Notes] Komatsuna: Cook 1 1/2 minutes for a firmer texture, 2 minutes for a softer texture. Spinach: Reduce the cooking time compared with komatsuna.

Story Behind this Recipe

Waiting for the water to boil takes the most time when blanching leafy greens, so I shortened the time by steaming in a microwave.