Tomato, Potato and Eggs

Tomato, Potato and Eggs

This is an easy recipe that is great for those who love fluffy pizza. You can top it with whatever you have in the fridge.

Ingredients: 2 servings = 1 pizza

Pizza dough
■Cake flour
100 g
■Bread flour
50 g
Lukewarm water
90 ml
Dry yeast
2 g
2/3 teaspoon
Olive oil (extra virgin)
as needed
Bread flour (for dusting)
as needed
Tomato Pizza
Tomato sauce (Recipe ID: 1296845)
200 g
to taste
to taste
Wiener sausages, cheese (or topping of your choice)
as needed
Potato and Eggs
Boiled eggs
Boiled potato (mashed)
1 large
to taste
Salt, pepper, parsley
a small amount each


1. [Pizza Sauce] Combine the ■ ingredients in a bowl, stir well, and make a well in the center.
2. Put the dry yeast in the well, and put 2/3 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil avoiding the dry yeast.
3. Pour the lukewarm water in the well. (Don't pour it over the salt and oil.) Start mixing from the centre little by little, and mix the dry and wet ingredients together.
4. Knead Step 3 and gather into a ball. Clean the work surface and dust with bread flour. Knead well until the dough doesn't stick to your hands or the work surface.
5. Spread a bowl with a little olive oil, place the rolled dough in it, and cover with cling film.
6. Fill another bowl with 40℃ hot water. Place the bowl from Step 5 over this bowl, and leave it for a little longer than 1 hour to let the dough rise.
7. Keep the hot water at 40℃. When the dough has tripled in size, the proofing is done.
8. Dust a clean work surface with flour, and roll the dough out to 8 mm or less. Add the toppings of your choice.
9. Example: [Tomato Sauce] Spread the tomato sauce over the surface leaving a 1.5 cm rim.
10. Top with wiener sausages cut into 1 cm pieces and some cheese, or the toppings of your choice. Drizzle 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and bake in a oven for 15 minutes at 250℃.
11. When it's baked, add fresh basil on top, and it's ready. You can make other types of pizza in the same way!

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe to use up leftover tomato sauce or Genova sauce!