Fluffy and Soft Basic Sweet and Savory Bread Dough

Fluffy and Soft Basic Sweet and Savory Bread Dough

This is a fluffy and soft bread dough for either sweet or savory bread. They will stay moist and soft even after some time This dough is easy to handle and to shape.

Ingredients: 10-12 rolls

■ Bread flour
270 g
■Cake flour
30 g
■Dry yeast
4 g
40 g
4 g
■Skim milk powder
20 g
110 g
100 g
◆Vegetable oil
20 g
◆Unsalted butter
20 g


1. Add the ■ dry ingredients to the bowl, and mix well with a whisk. Combine the ◆ ingredients, change to a spatula and mix until it's no longer floury.
2. Put the mixture in a bread machine or kneading machine, and be sure that the dough is diligently kneaded until the gluten is well developed. Once finished kneading, roll the dough into a smooth ball, and let it rise until 2 - 2.5 times larger the original size.
3. Deflate the dough by folding it, and divide it into your desired portions. Roll them into smooth balls, cover with plastic wrap and let it rest at room temperature for 15 - 20 minutes.
4. Form the dough into your desired shapes.
5. When done shaping, cover the dough with plastic wrap or a damp kitchen cloth, and use the oven's bread-rising setting for the 2nd rising at 30 - 40°C for about 45 minutes, until 2 times larger than the previous size.
6. As the dough completes rising, start preheating the oven to 180°C. When done preheating, lower the oven temperature to 170°C and bake for 15-18 minutes. Adjust the baking time.
7. I wrapped bacon and cut the dough for these spiral breads. I topped them with pizza sauce, fried onions, and cheese before baking.
8. These bread are filled with chocolate cream. I divided the dough so that each piece weigh 45 g.
9. Cornet shaped bread. Each portion of dough weigh about 50 - 60 g.
10. Ham swirled bread. Before baking, I topped them with corn, mayonnaise, and cheese. Wiener sausage roll. Each portion of dough for both bread weigh 45 g.
11. The bread on the left is ham, corn, mayo, and cheese bread. The bread on the right is fried onion pizza style bread.
12. Ham and egg bread.
13. Chocolate cream bread.
14. Wiener sausage and egg bread.
15. Cornet shaped bread with custard cream I burned them a little and they came out a bit dark.
16. Apple cinnamon roll. To make these rolls, roll out the dough flat, sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon, and spread apple jam. Then roll them up, cut, and bake.
17. The ones in the front are ham, corn and mayo bread, and ham, corn, mayo, and cheese bread. The ones in the back are wiener sausage rolls topped with ketchup and whole grain mustard.
18. For these walnut, sugar, and butter-topped kaiser rolls, I used a kaisersemmel stamp to make the swirls. I substituted light brown sugar for the regular sugar, added chopped walnuts, and sprinkled them with cane sugar on top.
19. Using the same kaiser roll dough, I made apple cinnamon rolls topped with walnuts.
20. Melon Bread. For the cookie dough (for 10 buns) use 200 g of cake flour, 80 g each of sugar and unsalted butter, a few drops of vanilla oil or melon oil, and 40 g of egg.
21. These are great as gifts.
22. Once the bread has cooled down, store in a plastic bag to prevent them from drying out.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with a dough recipe that could be used for both sweet and savory breads After much test baking, I settled on this recipe to make my favorite delicious, soft, and fluffy bread.